The Residential Complex Solana is located within Real del Mar, the most exclusive private residential development in the Punta de Mita corridor, dominating the bay from six sunny hills. Real del Mar comprises 57 houses and 7 luxury apartments; it is considered the world’s #1 destination by Exclusive Resorts.

Real del Mar is an excellent example of a development that reveres nature and fosters a harmonious coexistence with the environment. Its meandering walkways lead to Piedra Blanca, a pristine private beach where the exclusive, private Beach Club is found, with an exceptional, top shelf restaurant-bar, open year round. The complex enjoys tennis courts, gym and spa, TV room at the beach, beautiful gardens, 24/7 security and exclusivity. Residents enjoy attentive concierge service; a prompt, efficient and professional way to respond to their answers and needs, an ever-ready, reliable assistant that will exceed their expectations.

The residences’ warm integration into the coastal landscape of the Mexican Pacific draws colorful scenery that will leave you breathless.



The gorgeous Piedra Blanca beach is essential to the Real del Mar scenery; an extensive golden sand strip with tranquil crystal waters and pleasant privacy.

Solana, by blending into the surroundings without altering them, gets the best out of its orientation to benefit greatly with natural lighting for most of the day.




Exclusivity, landscape architecture, perfect balance of luxury and nature, combine to create the space you have always dreamed to find.

Seven exclusive luxury residences glance at the beauty of the ocean, the magical sunrises and the splendid vegetation.

  • Top shelf finishes and equipment
  • Ocean view terraces
  • Private beach club
  • Gourmet restaurant
  • Tennis courts
  • Gym
  • Spa



Nature and Wellness

The best way to relieve stress caused by a fast-paced everyday routine is to relax in a spa. Caring for body and soul has become an unavoidable prerequisite for the improvement of a person’s quality of life.

This is why we have created a marvelous menu of massages and therapies in an atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation, rest and renovation.

Power and energy in the sun

We chose the location of our exclusive gym by thinking of the relation of man and nature, in which division must not exist; therefore, it offers a marvelous view. You will enjoy the wonder of native elements such as  plants and animals, or simply watch the falling rain as you exercise and enjoy this space created with you in mind.

Every Details is impressive…

The amazing architecture offered by Real del Mar, created on the basis of an admirable harmony with nature, as it borders the complex with sand, crystal waters and lovely vegetation, perfectly complements the attention paid to every detail in the spaces and common areas of the development. Balance between nature and luxury prevails at all times.

Spaces to live in…

Residences created for the comfort of their residents, interior spaces are at the same time functional and elegant, they are spaces created for living in the exclusive lifestyle of Real del Mar.

Solana is being built on the last plot of land available in Real del Mar. It is a truly unique opportunity to be part of this incredible way to enjoy life to the fullest.

Ultimate luxury and comfort in a development of utmost exclusivity, with intelligent design at the service of a lifestyle that is simply… unmatchable.

Nestled on the hillside, Solana’s seven residences glance at the beauty of Banderas Bay, the ocean, with magical sunrises over the tranquil waters and a necklace of lights that borders it at sunset. Further down,  the Marina at La Cruz and the docks appear, where yachts look like brushstrokes of white on the quiet ocean waters.

Terraces open up to vegetation, an emerald blanket spreading from the border of the terraces down to the beach.  Architecture of sober, elegant lines, characteristic of the style that identifies Real del Mar, harmonizes with the environment, drawing attention toward the marine scenery oriented to the enjoyment of sunrises.







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